About Neurohackweek

Neurohackweek is a 5-day hands-on workshop in neuroimaging and data science, held at the University of Washington eScience Institute. Participants will learn about technologies used to analyze human neuroscience data, and to make analysis and results shareable and reproducible.

Morning sessions will be devoted to hands-on lectures and afternoon sessions will be devoted to participant-directed activities: hackathon and breakout sessions on topics of interest

This format is inspired by astrohackweek, a similar program focused on astrophysics.


Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Morning 9 AM: Introduction to Neurohackweek (Ariel Rokem)
11 AM: Data Science tools (tutorials)
9 AM: Surviving and thriving as an open scientist (Tal Yarkoni)
11 AM: Using cloud computing for neuroimaging
(Cameron Craddock)

9 AM: Image processing (Ariel Rokem)
11 AM: Quantitative and diffusion MRI modeling of developmental data (Jason Yeatman)
9 AM: Modeling fMRI data (Kendrick Kay) (video)
10 AM: Machine learning with scikit-learn (Jake Vanderplas)
9 AM: Improving the Reproducibility of Neuroimaging Research (Russ Poldrack) (video)
10 AM: Reproducible research pipelines (Chris Gorgolewski and Satra Ghosh) (video)
Afternoon Data science tools
Advanced Unix and Make
Python tips and tricks (video)
Docker (video)
Modular software design (video)
Spark (video)
Git and Github
Software testing
1 PM: Team project pitches
2 PM - 6 PM Team projects
4 PM: Breakout session: Data-sets from the Allen Institute for Brain Science(Terri Gilbert)
Integrating AIBS data-sets in MRI analysis (Kirstie Whitaker)
1 PM - 6 PM: Team projects
3 PM: Breakout session: Allen Institute for Brain Science: RNA seq data sets (Jeremey Miller)
4 PM: Breakout session: Advanced time-series analysis (Bing Brunton)
1 PM - 6 PM: Team projects
3 PM: Lightning talks
4 PM: Breakout session: Using GNU Make for reproducible, parallel neuroimaging workflows (Tara Madhyastha)
Project presentations
Evening 6 PM: Welcome reception Hackathon sessions
(DSS remains open until 11 PM)
Hackathon sessions
(DSS remains open until 11 PM)
6 PM: Seattle outing 6 PM: Farewell reception



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